Develop Mind Powers… How to Use Hypnosis to Improve Your Life

Szilvia With a Frozen Arm

Szilvia With a Frozen Arm

It seemed like voodoo.  As I listened to Erickson, the world’s greatest clinical hypnotherapist, speak in a rhythmic melody like a snake charmer mesmerizing his cobra, Erickson’s patient sat there motionless with a blank look on her face as her arm, as if by its own accord, rose up in mid air until it finally stopped and remained rigid and FROZEN.  She couldn’t move it even if she tried.

This scene was my introduction into the marvelous world of hypnosis; a world that gave me mind powers.  I learned  how to slow down or speed up time for my clients in order to help them improve their sports performance, how to give my clients any feeling they want at any time they want so that they can feel confident or relaxed at will, how to get my clients to forget strategic information so they could move on with their lives, and many other wonderful things.  In short, hypnosis gave me the ability to make a POWERFUL difference in the lives of the people I work with.

By reading this article you will learn what hypnosis is and how you can use it immediately to enhance your life.

I define hypnosis as the following:

Communicating ideas to someone in such a way that these ideas become real to them involuntarily.

In an effort to clarify the confusing ass definition above I’ve devised this ingenious example:

This is NOT hypnosis:

I say: “When I snap my finger you feel excitement.”

Time passes…

*I snap my fingers*

You look at me blankly and maybe try to feel excited in order to please me, but clearly you can’t feel the excitement.  You think to yourself hypnosis is fake.

This is hypnosis:

I say: “When I snap my finger you feel excitement.”

Time passes…

*I snap my fingers*

You feel excitement no matter if you try to stop yourself from experiencing it.  It’s as if the excitement happens on autopilot, and you end up thinking I’m a genius and that I have magic powers.

You’re right.  I am a genius AND I do have mind powers.

The key point between the two examples above is that in the example where hypnosis happened my communication had a powerful and AUTOMATIC effect on the other person.

I later came to learn that Erickson wasn’t using voodoo to freeze this woman’s arm.  He was using hypnosis to elicit the hypnotic phenomena of catalepsy (i.e. creating rigidity in a body part such as an arm).  Catalepsy serves as an interesting teaching aid to exemplify some of the key principles of hypnosis and de-hypnosis (taking someone out of a hypnotic reality).

Here is an example of me leading Szilvia into arm catalepsy:

The above video exemplifies three main ideas:

1) It is possible to communicate life enhancing or even absurd ideas like “your arm is stuck and you can’t move it” in such a way that these ideas became reality.

You can see me leading Szilvia into creating a reality where her hand was stuck and she couldn’t move it even when she tried in the video above.

How is this useful?  You can help someone create a life enhancing reality.  For example, they can learn they have a heart of gold and balls of steel.

2) It is possible to DIRECT involuntary responses.  This is important because most problems are problems, because they happen involuntarily (e.g. the anxious person is troubled because he can’t control his anxiousness; it just happens to him).

A sense of involuntariness happened in the video above when Szilvia tried to move her arm but couldn’t.  It was as if the sense of stuckness in her arm happened outside of her control and her arm was involuntarily stuck.

How is this useful?  You can help someone create involuntary feelings of calmness where they used to have involuntary feelings of anxiety.

3)  It is possible to engineer De-Hypnosis.  De-hypnosis happens when what was involuntary ceases to be, and you realize that what seemed like reality was just an illusion.

De-hypnosis happened in the video above when Szilvia realized that her arm stuckness was something she was making happen (not something that was happening involuntarily) and this realization had a TANGIBLE effect on how her arm felt – it went from rigid to normal.

How is this useful? You can help someone stop believing that they are my girlfriend.  I’ll owe you one.

Ok.  So this hypnosis thing seems really cool and you would like to try it out, but you don’t know how. 

You’re in luck.

In an effort to give you an experience of hypnosis and to teach you how to use it, I’ve created the audio below.  By listening…

1) You will earn another more practical definition of hypnosis (Credit: Anthony Jacquin and Kevin Sheldrake).

2) I will guide you through an experience where your hand sticks to a table and you won’t be able to move it.

3) I will teach you how you can use hypnosis right now to create a better life.


I routinely help my clients make miraculous transformations in their lives.  I use hypnosis in virtually every one of my interventions.  Hypnosis has become a staple of my work, because I find that it enhances the effectiveness of all that I do.  You’ve learned some of the key principles of hypnosis.  Now go experiment with some shit and let me know how it goes.

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