How to Explosively Transform Your Life… Stunning Before and After Video of a 27 Year Old Phobia Cured in 1 hr

Here is Denise BLATANTLY touching the sign that says "Danger Keep Off Wall".

Denise is BLATANTLY touching the sign that says “Danger Keep Off Wall”.

It took us a one hour to remove a 27 year old fear Denise had of the Hoover Dam.

I tested and retested her brain to make sure the fear was gone.

Everything looked good.

So I told her:

We’re done.  Go to the Hoover Dam and prove to yourself that you have changed.

Denise drove to the Hoover Dam with her kids a few weeks later.

Driving to the Hoover dam.

Driving to the Hoover Dam.

She called me on her way there.  I could hear the excitement in her voice.  She said.  “I’m doing it.  I can’t believe I’m actually driving to the Hoover Dam and I feel fine!”.

When she got to the Dam, she got out of the car, walked straight to the wall, and proved to herself that she had made a profound transformation.

Here is a before and after video that shows the dramatic transformation she was able to make after a one hour Mindset Enhancement Session with me. Denise shot this video using her own iPhone.

She later called me as she was driving home from the Dam.  I told her:

The fear of the Hoover Dam was a problem you had for a long time.  But now it’s gone.  This problem was like all the other problems you thought you couldn’t change.  You have a great capacity for change… And you are capable of so much more than you think you are…

You gave your children a GIFT today.  You gave them a first hand experience that the impossible can become possible.

***She went into a trance.***

I hung up.

Denise’s life went into an explosive growth phase after our session, which is typical of what people experience after working with me.

Denise wasn’t born fearing the Hoover Dam.  There was a point in time she didn’t know the Dam even existed.  She learned to be scared of it, because of a certain experience she had that left a fear memory in her mind.

When Denise saw the Dam, it triggered the recall of the fear memory and she felt the fear.

We solved her fear by replacing her old fear memory with a false memory that caused her to feel relaxation and confidence when around the Dam.

After dedicating 14 plus years to understanding how to create life altering changes in people’s lives, I’ve come to realize that EMOTIONAL change boils down to two things:

1) Creating the right learning environment inside of a person’s mind that makes RELEARNING how to feel about something possible.

2) Teaching people new information in the correct way so that their brain uses this new information to create false memories to replace the old memories they want to feel differently about.

I’m about to teach you exactly how I used the above two concepts to remove Denise’s 27 year old fear in less than an hour.  By the time you are done listening to this recording  you will know exactly how to remove any negative feeling you have about any situation.

You now feel differently about something you wanted to feel differently about.

It is now time to take this one change and make it the basis for explosive life transformation; exactly what I did with Denise.

Explosive life transformation happens when you enhance your sense of possibility by making one key change, learn how to decipher which are the correct habits to establish to get what you want, learn how to sequence those habits correctly, and learn how to establish these correctly sequenced habits with ease.

In my Lifestyle Enhancement Sessions, I enhance my client’s sense of possibility by helping them make one seemingly impossible change a reality and setting up the right environment for them to consider this deeply:

If I can make this change, then what else is possible?

By listening to the following recording, we are going to enhance your sense of possibility:

Next, I teach my clients a strategy for detecting the habits they need to implement to get what they want.

Here is a step by step way of detecting the correct habits to implement I gathered from studying Tim Ferriss’ work:

1) Know exactly what you want and have a clear measurement for its achievement (e.g. my goal was to play a guitar song for my friends with less than 13 hours of practice).

2) Ask: Who is good at what I want to learn who shouldn’t be?  If a person is good at something and they shouldn’t be, this implies that they have developed a correct set of habits for achieving what they are achieving.

3) Ask: What are the habits they engage in, in order to get their results.

Next,  I teach my clients how to correctly sequence their habits.  I sequence the habits in a logical way, where each habit they learn builds on the next habit they learn.  For example, when I was learning the guitar song, I learned what the chords were before learning how to transition between each chord.

Finally, I teach my clients how to implement their correctly sequenced habits.  This recording will teach you all you need to know to become masterful at creating new habits:


Currently (Jan 12th, 2014) Denise has lost over 15 pounds, she eats healthy and works out consistently, she’s learned how to tell people no, and she has started to paint.  She used to think painting wasn’t for her.

Here’s some of her work:


Beautiful Art

Change can be magical.  One change can spread through a person’s life like a positive wildfire igniting their inner flame of greatness and reminding whoever is witness to this fire that there is a flame of greatness within them as well.

Changing her phobia of the Hoover Dam was the spark that started the positive wildfire of growth in Denise’s life.

Her fire shines bright.

Inner fire is what I live to ignite. It’s what I treasure most in life.

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