How to Manufacture Peak Performance By Using Self Hypnosis… A Miraculous 2 Session Transformation


She was scared to break her neck. She told me:

I’m a Yogi.  But I can’t do a headstand.  I need to be able to do a headstand to be a Yogi.  Nothing I have tried has worked to get rid of this fear.  I even meditated for 10 days and the fear is still there!  I don’t think I can be fixed.

I told her:

We can change this, but I’m not going to fix you.  You don’t need to be fixed.  Your fear of headstands is a skill that you’ve practiced and had become good at.  I’m going to teach you how to become good at enjoying headstands.

She took a deep breath and told me:

Ok.  I trust you.

Game on!

By reading this article you will learn how to manufacture peak performance whenever you want by using a simple and easy approach to self hypnosis.

Our First Lifestyle Enhancement Session

I notice that Cecy is nervous.  I immediately start telling her confusing stories.  Each story has a hidden message for her, meant to get her in touch with resourceful feelings of comfort, safety, being at her best, being in the zone etc.  As I’m seeing her go into each of these feelings, I take a snapshot of her postures in my mind.  Each feeling is linked to a posture, and from now on all I have to do to get her in touch with each feeling is to mimic the exact posture the feeling is linked to.

It’s like magic.  It works every time.  I mimic her posture.  She feels the feelings linked to that posture.  Boom!

Within a few minutes she’s relaxed.

But we’re not done yet.  She feels relaxed, because I’ve distracted her.  We still have to train her mind to transfer these feelings of relaxation to doing headstands. I train her mind by getting her in touch with feelings of comfort, and then bringing up the idea of headstands.

I repeat this several times.

Her posture will tell me when she’s made a change.  When she’s able to think about headstands and smile, then we’re done.

We’ve been working together for over two hours.  I ask her to think of headstands.  She smiles!  This tells me we’ve made giant progress.

So, I tell her to do a headstand.  She does.  She’s ecstatic!

Session #1. Is. Done.

Follow Up

I message Cecy to find out how she’s doing.  She tells me she’s doing better.  She’s made a lot of progress, but some of the fear is still there.  We schedule another session.

Our Second Lifestyle Enhancement Session

I ask Cecy hows she’s doing and she tells me she’s doing ok.  She tells me she doesn’t feel totally comfortable when doing headstands.

I ask her: When you are about to do a headstand and you don’t feel totally comfortable, HOW DO YOU DO IT?

She pauses.  She tells me that she feels something in her neck, while making a grimace and moving her head to one side. Next, she gestures right in front of her and says, “I see myself breaking my neck”.

I immediately change the subject and go into a posture that gets her in touch with feelings of safety and comfort.  As she’s feeling comfort, I tell her to see that picture of breaking her neck.

I repeat this a few times.

I ask her to try to see the picture that used to scare her.  She can’t.  I ask her to think about doing headstands.  She smiles.

I tell her to do a headstand. She finds herself comfortably doing a few.  I tell her we’re done.  This time we are. And it took less than 15 min.


I filmed my session with Cecy.  I will be making the footage sparkly and shiny and creating an obnoxiously polished product, that will be simple and easy to understand, and will teach you exactly what I did with her.   My goal is that by the time you are done watching the footage, you will know exactly how to replicate what I did with Cecy with others.

Click here to join my mailing list and be notified when this product is ready.  You will also get access to my latest discoveries in turbocharging your performance.  I send out emails extremely infrequently, because coming up with content that is up to my standards takes a lot of time.  I make sure that whatever I send out is something that is life changing and will transform your performance.

Redefining High Performance

Cecy was good at doing her old fear.  She had mastered it to the point that she did it without thinking.  Her fear had become a high performance skill; one that didn’t serve her.

High performance happens when a habit, skill, or pattern becomes so wired into you that you find yourself performing it EFFORTLESSLY, without thinking.

High performance = Effortlessness, Involuntariness, Ease, etc.

Common examples of high performance patterns include: tying your shoe, road rage, typing, changing gears on your car, fear of public speaking, etc.

The common thread among the above patterns that makes them high performance is that you have practiced them so much that they have become something you do effortlessly, without thinking.

Peak Performance

My goal when working with Cecy was to get her to a place of peak performance where she instantly and effortlessly found herself doing and enjoying headstands at the right time.

Peak performance happens when you perform the correct high performance pattern at the correct time and place, and you get the result you want.

Common examples of peak performance include: automatically pushing the break pedal when it’s time to stop at a red light, effortlessly typing the letter “h” when typing the word “horse”, instantly locking the front door when you walk into your house, easily passing the ball to an open receiver for the game winning touchdown, etc.

The common thread among the patterns above is that you involuntarily do the right thing at the right time to get the result you want.

How to Create Peak Performance in Your Life

There are three steps you need to master in order to create peak performance in your life.

1) Know the exact result you want

2) Detect the necessary CORE skills you need to develop to get this result. Ignore everything else.

3)  Turn these core skills into peak performance skills (i.e. skills you automatically do at the right time and place to get the result you want).

You are about to learn how to do steps 1-3 so that you can MANUFACTURE peak performance whenever you want.

Know the Exact Result You Want

Manufacturing peak performance requires you to develop metrics that let you know you have achieved the exact result you want.

You can develop effective metrics by answering this question:

How specifically will I know I have achieved the result that I want?

In Cecy’s case, the most relevant metric was whether she was able to comfortably do headstands after we were done working together.

Detect Core Skills

Make things as simple as possible but not simpler. – Unknown

Core skills are the few skills that are left when you take every skill away that is not necessary for getting a result.  Investing your time working on core skills, while ignoring everything else, gives you the biggest and most rapid gains in progress towards the result you want.

Every discipline has core skills.  For example:

If you want to rapidly master helping people change, then master implanting false memories.  Ignore everything else.

If you want to rapidly master fat loss, then master managing caloric intake. Ignore everything else.

If you want to rapidly master charismatic speaking, then master exquisite control of your tempo, tonality and rhythm of speech.  Ignore everything else.

The best way of detecting what the necessary core skills are is by doing the following:

1) Find a mentor who routinely teaches people who are in a similar or preferably more challenging situation than yours how to get the results you want.

2) Ask them what the top skills you need to develop to get the results you want.

Cecy found me.  I taught her one main skill: how to use her nervous system to turn on comfort when doing headstands.

Manufacturing Peak Performance Skills

The core skill of turning on comfort when doing headstands has become an integral part of who Cecy is.  This skill has become so ingrained into her that she finds herself doing it at the right time, without thinking.  She didn’t have this skill before.  We manufactured it.

You can manufacture peak performance in your life too.  And you do it by using self hypnosis.

What is Self Hypnosis

Self hypnosis is making yourself do something in such a way that what you are making happen turns into something that is happening involuntarily.

Common examples of self hypnosis include: when a batter goes up to the plate and does his ritualistic move before batting in an attempt to get himself into the zone where his body takes over and does everything right, when I make my coffee in the morning in the exact same way before writing in an attempt to get myself into deep concentration where ideas just flow all by themselves, when a woman turns on her workout soundtrack on her way to the gym so that her mind shuts off and her body takes over and goes into “workout mode”, etc.

Uncommon example of self hypnosis include: speeding up or slowing down time, turning off pain, turning down emotions, increasing emotions, slowing down heart rate, etc.

The common thread among the above examples of self hypnosis is that you are DELIBERATELY making something happen so that something takes over and things start happening all on their own.  It may not be totally obvious how this is happening in the uncommon examples of self hypnosis I listed above, but keep reading because it will become obvious soon.

How to Use Self Hypnosis to Manufacture Peak Performance Skills

One way of creating self hypnosis is physical rehearsal of what you want to happen until it becomes so wired in that you do it without thinking.  Click here, scroll all the way down to the last audio recording, and hit play to learn a very effective way of using physical rehearsal.

The easiest, quickest, and most turbocharged way of creation self hypnosis is the Involuntary Results Model, which I developed after researching the Automatic Imagination Model by Anthony Jacquin and Kevin Sheldrake.

The Involuntary Results Model requires you to master two core skills:

1) Elicit a sense of effortlessness

2) Connect this sense of effortlessness with the result you want

By mastering these two core skills, you will gain the following powers: the ability to slow down or speed up time, the ability to turn off pain, the ability to control your blood pressure, the ability to turn off emotions, the ability to create new emotions, and so much more.  In short, these two skills will give you uncommon control over your nervous system.  And most importantly, these two skills will give you a switch that allows you to manufacture peak performance whenever the fuck you want.

The following recording will give you a crystal clear understanding of what the Involuntary Results Model is, what the two core skills within the Involuntary Results Model are, how to develop these core skills, how to use the Involuntary Results Model to turn core skills into peak performance skills, and what to do when the Involuntary Results Model doesn’t work.


Play is the highest form of research – Albert Einstein

My session with Cecy was a fun, playful, and  enjoyable experience.  This laugher and enjoyment supercharged how easy it was for her to learn to enjoy headstands.   Laughter helps learning.  You have learned the Involuntary Results Model.  It is time to go out into the real world and create enjoyable opportunities to play with the two core skills within the Involuntary Results Model.   The more you play, the more you’ll learn, and the more you’ll master yourself.

One thought on “How to Manufacture Peak Performance By Using Self Hypnosis… A Miraculous 2 Session Transformation

  1. Steve says:

    Great work – I found this when searching Google for the Jacquin AI model. This is kind of genius actually, great thinking.
    I’m kinda stuck though, what do you do if you can’t elicit the initial sense of effortlessness?
    Any tips?

    Many thanks, Steve

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