How I Lost 35 Pounds of Fat and 22 Inches….The Psychological and Behavioral Tactics of Effective and Long Lasting Fat Loss

Before and After

Yes, I did shave my chest. And, yes, it did suck.

I looked at my belly in the mirror for the 1000’th time.  I sucked it in and went underneath the right light so that I could see a glimmer of a six pack.


My six pack was gone and it was now replaced by a round, plump belly.

“This had to stop”, I told myself. I had vowed to get back into shape 1000’s of times before, but this time things were different. I meant it.

By reading this article you will learn the exact psychological and behavioral tactics I used to lose 35 pounds of fat, 22 inches, and how I created a lifestyle that makes LONG LASTING fat loss effortless and inevitable.

Horrible Advice

I tried hard to get back into shape.  But I couldn’t, because I got horrible advice.

I went inside and asked my lean past self how to get into shape.  He gave me his best advice.  I did everything he said.

But his advice got me nowhere.  I actually got fatter.

Why didn’t his advice work? I mean, it worked in the past…

The advice I followed was no longer appropriate for me at this stage of my life. Here’s what I learned:

1) Good advice will take into consideration my current life conditions.

2) New habits will work only if they fit seamlessly with the rest of my life.

Knowing Too Much for My Own Good

I knew a lot about fat loss.  In fact, I knew so much, that it got me nowhere.  Because I knew so much, I got distracted.  I couldn’t pick one thing to actually stick to long enough for it to have a positive effect.

But all that changed when I decided to really commit to ONE plan.  This article outlines that plan.

I would become a student.  I would put all of my ideas of how things should be or how things ought to be to the side and actually execute on my plan. Only after following the plan and giving it a fair shot would I evaluate if it was correct and how I could improve it.

Here’s what I learned:

There is enormous value in restricting the information I have access to.  Restricting information makes it a lot easier for me to stick to something long enough to get a result.

Love the Fundamentals
It seemed like torture.  I had just decided that I would focus exclusively on mastering how to eat slowly while disregarding everything else I knew about diet for a two week period.  Investing my time on such a simple habit seemed ridiculous.
I thought to myself: “I know so much more than this.  I should be doing more.  This will never get me to where I want to be.  It’s too small.  I need to be doing more.”
But I also thought: “Results will only come if I CONSISTENTLY do the right thing.  I need to TRAIN my ability to be CONSISTENT. The best way of practicing consistency is to find an easy core skill (i.e. eating slowly) and practice doing it over and over again.”
Here’s what I learned:
I knew enough.  What I really needed to get good at was doing what I knew.
My Obsession with Tracking
I got up this morning.  I didn’t eat.  I peed.  I weighed myself.  I measured different parts of my body.  And then I recorded all of the numbers in a spreadsheet (i.e. tracking).  I’ve been doing this every Saturday morning for the past year.  I track because it lets me know if what I’m doing is working.
chart weight

This chart shows how my weight changed throughout the year.

This chart shows how many inches I

This chart shows how my total inches (i.e. the number you get when you add how big your waist, chest, arms, etc together) changed throughout the year.

Anthony from is someone who takes tracking to a whole different level.  He takes pictures of himself every day and posts them online for everyone to see.  He’s gone through a huge transformation.  As I write this he is on day 378 of tracking, eating a Ketogenic diet, and working out.  He has currently lost 107 pounds in that time frame.
Anthony Transformation
I asked him the following question:  Do you think that tracking (taking pictures of yourself and writing what you eat) has helped you stick with your transformation.  If so, why?
Absolutely, yes! Being able to see the changes over time is extremely motivating, and inspiring! I’ve seen so many people say (online) that they hadn’t realized just how far they had come in their weight loss until they compared a recent picture to an older picture! I think that is definitely true! You see yourself in the mirror every day, so you’re really only able to compare yesterday to today, on a daily basis. Keeping track with pictures gives you something to reference when you are a few weeks/months in!
Speaking about my personal transformation, I didn’t really notice too much of a change in my 1 month picture compared to my starting picture, but I can certainly tell a difference in the 2 month picture, and a drastic difference in the 3 month picture! Seeing the changes in my body was very powerful, and made me want to lose even more weight! I’m really glad I have those pictures and can go back and look at them even now!
I would HIGHLY recommend anyone wanting to lose weight, to take some starting pictures! It doesn’t matter how embarrassing they are, you never have to show them to anyone else if you don’t want to, but you will be very thankful you have those pictures to look back on when you are having a “bad” day. You’ll be able to look back and see just how far you’ve come, and then you can’t help but be happy and inspired to keep going!
It’s also just extremely satisfying to see your body change for the better over time! It’s sort of like a pat on the back, and a “good job!” for all the hard work you’ve been putting in!
Superhuman Consistency
From July 27, 2013 through June 28, 2014 I worked out 6 days a week while only missing 2 days and practiced a few simple nutritional habits 99% of the time.
Habit Completion
Here’s what I learned from a year of superhuman consistency:
1) The number one mistake I used to make when trying to develop consistency was trying to change myself instead of changing what I was attempting to be consistent at.
2) Tracking how consistently I engaged in my habits allowed me to determine if something was easy enough for me to do consistently.  If a habit wasn’t easy enough for me to do, then, IT, NOT ME, needed to change.
3)  The best habits are the ones that will get me results AND are easy enough for me to do consistently. If my habits require extreme motivation to execute, they are wrong.
4) It’s vital to create an environment that makes things effortless for me to do.

How to Develop Superhuman Consistency

I have superhuman consistency because I’m really good at creating habits that are effortless for me to do.  Effortlessness is the standard I strive for.

I learned to be good at creating habits by studying BJ Fogg’s work.  BJ Fogg is the director of the Persuasion Tech Lab at Stanford University.  Go here to learn everything you need to know about how to become a master at creating habits that are effortless to do.

Do This And No More Than This And You Will Get Results

I’m going to teach you ONLY the essential tactics you need to know to achieve fat loss.

There is always more information to learn and instances where what I’m about to share with you won’t apply. For the vast majority of people this is ALL YOU NEED to get off to an AMAZING start.  Fight any urge that would detract you from getting started on the plan below.

Note: If you have followed the advice below for 10 weeks with 80% consistency, then you likely need a more refined approach.  Contact me for more details.


Recommended sources of protein: grass fed beef, eggs, pork, and bison.

Recommended sources of carbohydrates: asparagus, spinach, mixed vegetables, avocado, green beans, black beans, black berries, blue berries and pinto beans.

Exercise: If you haven’t worked out in years and live a sedentary lifestyle, then start with Protocol #1 below and next do Protocol #2.  For everyone else, start with Protocol #2 and focus on developing a minimum of 80% consistency with it.

Protocol #1:  Work up to walking 3 times a week for 30 minutes a day with 80% consistency for 2 months.  Read the section on “How to Develop Superhuman Consistency” above.

Protocol #2: Work up to 2-3 resistance training sessions and one HIIT session per week both focusing on progressive overload.  Contact me for more details.

A Hypnotic Pep Talk

If you are on the fence about starting or don’t think anything can work for you, read Szilvia’s story.  She followed the EXACT same steps outlined in this article.

Szilvia Transformation

When I reached the weight 98 kg I freaked out. Big time! Not that I didn’t see myself before, but somehow laziness kicked in continuosly (I didn’t take responsibility!). I started eating less and move more. I literally just did that. After dieting for nearly 20 years I was fed up with quick fixes so I didn’t care about the length of time. I just wanted to lose it. My motivation was to look good. People usually say that’s not enough motivation and better to focus on health and have the look as a side benefit. Fuck that! I’m a woman. I want to look sexy. So that’s how it started.

I dropped 15 kg in a year. Slowly. I didn’t even realize it. Just by walking and eating less. Then I walked more and eat even less and I quit eating bread. To keep leaning down I had to eat less and less and walk more and more. I had no knowledge at all and this is what I could do. I lost 11 more kg in 4 months. What I did was not sustainable. I had no time to walk more or even the same amount and I was hungry a lot. So weight started sneaking back on. I was 72 kg at my peak. In a few months I was 78. I freaked out. Again.

I decided that I need help to get the body I want and KEEP it. I didn’t want to do it quick. I was working 24/7 with very little free time daily. I knew someone with the desired skill set and I knew his magical ways of helping with emotional stuff which I was sure will come up. He cured my chocolate addiction (in 20 minutes!!!) and fred me from my cocroach and spider phobia. So I hired Martin Lanzas to help me.

He taught me to eat right by just giving me one tiny thing at a time to apply. It was so simple and easy that I didn’t think it will work! I trusted him so I kept going and he helped me through my emotional break downs which I had some at the beginning. I wanted to see the results immediately. Hahh. He taught me how to move right with the same strategy. Do one tiny thing at a time. I didn’t need any motivation at all!

Then all these tiny nutrition and exercising steps built upon each other and without noticing, I changed my whole lifestyle and I freaked out less and less because I saw my progress. I measured my weight and body regularly so it was there in black and white. Sometimes I felt heavy and started panicking then I just measured myself and numbers showed I’m leaning down. Don’t listen to your emotions!

In about 8 months I got my body I was satisfied with, but after a year I’m still continuing leaning down, because I’m doing the right things so results are inevitable. I never spent more than 40 minutes a day in the gym, it’s usually less. I never once was hungry and felt restricted in my diet. It was a smooth transformation and apart from the few panicks until I learned the basic principles, I haven’t had any break downs.  I have learnt a SUSTAINABLE way to live. Because it’s not a diet or a weight loss program. It has become a lifestyle. That’s why it is sustainable and I don’t have to worry about gaining the fat back anymore. I got the body I wanted and I feel sexy.

After a year of working with Martin I’m confident enough to continue my journey on my own, because he made sure I understand and learn everything I need to know. My current weight is 68 kg. During the time I worked with Martin I have lost 10 kilograms and 49 centimetres (22 pounds, 19.3 inches). And kept it down! I’m still leaning down! His teachings and guidance changed my life. I’m using this whole journey as a metaphor in other areas of my life. He says if it’s not easy to do then we have to make the task smaller. He also says, “Fuck breaking through and motivation, just make it a habit so it will become effortless!” And this is what I loved the most! No willpower and pushing through needed, the transformation was smooth, simple and easy. So yeah, in short, I feel fantastic and Martin is da best!

If you have started but are feeling overwhelmed listen to this audio:

If you have started but feel discouraged listen to this audio:


I sometimes find it easy to mistake busyness with progress.  One of my favorite forms of busyness is gathering information.  But results never come from that.  Results came when I made the choice to put all of my attention on a few correct habits while RUTHLESSLY ignoring everything else.

This article gives you these exact habits.  Practice them with ruthless focus and you will get results.

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