Rewire Your Brain to Stop Liking Things That Are Bad For You and Start Liking Things That Are Good For You… With a 5 Month Follow Up of a Successful One Session Habit Change

Britta Before

She didn’t know it but she was about to start hallucinating things…

She lived on the other side of the world.  I looked at her through the screen of my MacBook.  She smiled. She had a glimmer in her eye.  She told me she liked cookies.  She told me she didn’t want to like cookies anymore.

I smiled knowing full well that by the time we were done working together the smile and glimmer in her eye would be replaced by a look of surprise.  She would find herself UNABLE to eat vanilla cookies anymore.  Even if she tried.

And so we started our work together…

By reading this article you will learn how to use  the same tactics I used with Britta to rewire your brain to stop liking things that are bad for you and to start liking things that are good for you.

I’m Working With Britta… It’s Been 36 Minutes and 8 Seconds Since We Started Working Together

Britta After

Britta After

Me: What happens when you look at these cookies right next to you?  Do you want to eat them?

Britta: Do I have to (look at them)?

Me: Just look at them? What happens?

Britta: They need to get away further from me.  I would like to put them away so no smell can get out of them.

I smiled.  I smiled because I knew we had just created change.  And this change was possible because of a decision I had made years ago. I had decided to open up my mind to the following ideas:

Change is possible. Change can be fun.  Change can be rapid. Change can be long lasting.

And that’s how evolution happens.  Evolution happens when you open up your mind to new ideas.  Ideas you’ve never thought before.  Like how to create hallucinations…

Creating Hallucinations

I had just guided Darlene’s mind into seeing a set of pink sparkling keys on the table that weren’t really there.  This was very exciting to me.  It was the very first time I had guided someone into having a full blown hallucination.  But more of this later…

Initially, the realization that this was possible and I could teach someone to hallucinate blew my mind.  But later, the idea of hallucinations became normal to me when I realized that we do some form of hallucinating all the time.

For example:  Fat Tony giggles with delight and notices his mouth water, not because he’s eating a pizza, but because he knows he just ordered a pizza and it’s on his way!

In effect, his giggles are being caused by a hallucinated pizza.

With Britta, objectively, the composition of the cookies and their smell was exactly the same before and after working with me. But, subjectively, after we were done working together the cookies became repugnant.

This was a form of hallucination. But could this hallucination last?

Two Week Follow Up: The Cookie Monster Had Been Tamed!

Creating Hallucinations that Last

Our reality is a hallucination tainted by our past.

Information from the world comes in through our five senses.  We automatically compare this information with our memories. Finally, we form a  projection (that’s tainted by our memories) of the outside world internally.  This hallucination is what we call reality.

If you had no concept of a restaurant in your mental framework, then if someone took you to a restaurant, you wouldn’t know how to behave.  You would go into the kitchen and cook your own food, sit in other peoples assigned tables, and drink their drinks.  It would be awesome.

That doesn’t happen though.  Because your memories guide you.  Your memories tell you what things are, what to do and when to do it. A restaurant is to you, what a restaurant is in your memory.  Not objectively what restaurant really is.

This is where it gets interesting: Memories are changeable.

So, the way restaurants are for you is changeable.

And thus it all comes together.  If I want to teach you how to not like cookies. Or gambling.  Or yoga.  Or anything else.  All I have to do is change your memories of each of these into something that you don’t like.  This will taint your projections and change your reality.

Once the memory is updated.  The change sticks with you.

How to Stop Liking Things that are Bad for You

The process below is all you need to get the type of results I got with Britta.  Nothing else.  If you practice and master the steps below, you will be able to change how much you like or dislike anything in your life.

Updating Memories

I used the steps above with Britta.  I had her think of cookies (step 1), then interrupted her (step 2).  Finally, I had her think of something repulsive (she hallucinated this) and as she did, I had her think of cookies again (step 3). I cycled through these steps over and over again. This updated the memory of cookies.

The following audio will take you through the above process, so that you have a deeper first person understanding of how it works and so that you can apply it to your life.  Only listen to this recording if you are prepared to go through the process and have a specific thing in mind you want to learn to dislike.

The above process is very powerful and can even be used to overcome things you find yourself addicted to. It can also be used creatively to rewire yourself into liking things that will benefit you.

If the process doesn’t work, you likely require more personalized assistance. Contact me and I can help.

Five Month Follow Up Screen shot 2014-08-17 at 12.39.50 PM

I filmed my work with Britta, and I will be editing the footage and releasing it so that people can replicate what I did with her in their own lives or with their clients.  Click here to be notified when it’s ready.

Britta’s response above shows how the change we created had held up 5 months after working with her.  The change we created worked for the specific cookies we worked on and didn’t spread to other types of cookies.


I have provided you with the skills necessary to update your reality.  Mastering these skills is going to take practice, a willingness to open up your mind to new ideas, a willingness to let go of ideas that limit you, and a bit of time…

And then I told her: Darlene, you created those pink sparkling keys in your mind.  You made the idea of pink sparkling keys real.

Do you realize that?

You have the power to make ideas real.  And you can notice what having this power feels like… and notice where you feel this in your body… while you think:

Change is possible. Change can be fun.  Change can be rapid. Change can be long lasting.

She went into deep thought.  I could clearly see her making connections inside.  I paused.  We took a break.  We talked about random things.  I distracted her.

Next I told her:

Those keys that you see, you can stop imagining them at any time and discover that they were just a thought you had forgot was a thought.

The hallucinated keys disappeared…

Then I said:

And because you can make the thought of a key disappear, you can make other thoughts disappear as well. You can make ideas that hurt you, that you thought were real…fake. Like:

There is no point in trying out what you’ve learned here today, because you would fail anyway.

Those thoughts were just as real as the keys…were.

Her face shifted as she processed what I said.  And then it hit her.  She had an aha moment.  My words went in deep.

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