About Me


Ever since I was a little boy I have loved science.  I remember setting up my first experiment to figure out which plants would grow the fastest under which conditions.

I’ve kept this curiosity, but I now apply it to Mechanical Engineering and to human brains instead of plants.

Understanding human psychology has helped me realize that we humans are capable of some crazy, amazing things.  For example: We can slow down time or speed it up.  We can hallucinate.  We can turn off pain. We can turn feelings off and on. We can create new feelings and have access to them at will.  And so much more.

But why does that matter?


How we run our brains, determines our performance.

I believe everyone has their own unique gift to contribute to the world.  Here’s mine:

I specializes in helping people develop extraordinary psychologies, so that that they can extraordinary lives.

What if it were possible to:

  1. Transform long term grief, sadness, and loss into joy in one, one hour session.
  2. Rewire your brain to stop liking things that are bad for you and start liking things that are good for you.
  3. Lose 35 pound of fat and 22 inches without the need for motivation.
  4. Manufacture peak performance at will.
  5. Implant false memories to optimize your mental performance.
  6. Cure a life long phobia in less than 30 minutes.

It is.  My clients and I do it all the time…

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