Anti-testimonial (trying to please everyone is the most sure fire way to lose):

“You are a coach and how can you lack Leadership skills? How can you NOT be responsible for the group?” (anti-testimonial) V

Seemingly raging success (sadly the changes didn’t hold up after long term follow up):

“Martin is awesome! He comes across as a genuine, down to earth individual who truly cares about helping people make positive changes in their lives. And his methods work! I went from experiencing high levels of stress in certain trigger situations, to non-reaction and even laughter in those same situations, after just a few conversations with Martin. Truly remarkable!” – G.P.

Successful changes as far as I know:

“As I am sitting here, feeling calm and liberated from the confusion I felt inside, I realise how easy it could have been to change the way I feel. But sometimes we need a little bit of extra help from someone outside of us. 

When I came to Martin just an hour ago, I was in a place of torment, not wanting to end the love that I feel for the man I decided I had to leave so I wouldn’t feel so horrible any longer. Martin helped me to overcome the negative emotions, helped me to move on and to reclaim the love I feel in ways that makes it a skill, a talent, something I now own for moving forward. A treasure that is mine to keep and to enjoy. Something that is no longer dependent on the man I left.

So whenever you feel that you are held down by emotional shackles and want to move ahead, Martin is the one to speak to. Thank you, Martin. 

Strange how pearls and diamonds become even more desirable… *smirks* I have a feeling my new collection will be costly…” -Diana M. Joice

“Martin is smart, keenly precise and observant. Even better, he is sincerely committed to helping others. He is the man to call if you are ready for change NOW!” – Peg Haust-Arliss

“FYI – Martin Lanzas rocks!!!! He was kind enough to chat with me today for an extremely productive session and I am blown away by his ability to really make a difference in a fun and profound way. I see things differently just after one conversation. How great is it that we ar e surrounded by such wonderful people and talent!!!!! Thank you Martin!!!!!”Sinead

“I highly recommend Martin. He has helped me to be the best there is. Didn’t think I could get any better until I spent some time with him. I thought I had all my bases covered by blaming my wife, society, my parents. I really felt quite significant with all that I had to blame in my life. He showed me the way though, to not just blame all that but to blame so much more. The year and place that I was born. weather, Start trek (why did they have to cancel next generatoins), and even the whole universe. Nobody can take all that away from me. I will literally fight to the death to keep all that blame rather than move forward and do other stuff. This is a coach I will keep.”Gordon

“My session with Martin has been nothing short of mind blowing! His coaching style is different, his techniques are fun and exciting, and he’s got great intuition and insight. In just one session he has helped me get rid of some very old habits that I was sure I wouldn’t be able to ditch easily! Contact him NOW if you’re looking for some empowering changes, you won’t regret it! Thank you Martin!”Joana

“I just had an awesome session wiht Martin Lanzas. Now I know! I am excited, detrmined and my feeling of confidence is flowing. Things are coming together, I am very clear about what I want to do and now I know it!” – Ivette 

“Martin Lanzas is a creative interventionist who gets results no matter what. I had my doubts that anyone would be able to shift my perspective – but he got the job done. Feeling stuck? Call Martin – immediately!”Heather Till

“Tony Robbins says that everyone needs a coach! As a coach I had tremendous results with Martin in ONE SESSION. I no longer feel panic when my ex husband calls or text. I feel strength and opportunity. The great part is I’ve change my ex husbands voice to that of Spongebob Squarepants. It makes receiving his messages so much more fun. Martin helped me feel connected and grounded again as a mother, teacher and coach.” – Monica Bravo

“Martin is coaching with in depth knowledge about human behaviour and has incredible tools to promt change. Not only did i feel i was in very capable hands, i even felt a profound shift in just one session.”  – Elke Wollschon, Life Coach, Kuala Lumpur

“When i first heard of martins NLP coaching, i didnt have much faith in NLP overall, so naturally i didnt think NLP would work and thought it was a placebo for quite a long period of time. but out of curiosity and desperation i agreed to partake in what became one of the most life altering moments of my life. u can sense the genuine sense of interest just by speaking to martin. hes passionate about NLP, and spent nearly 2 hours on my first session. by the end of this session i had let go of many of my limiting beliefs, such as, how i viewed myself, my anxiety was down by quite a bit. i just couldnt stop smiling afterwards. i can still remember that day clearly in my mind. martin spent 20 mins trying to bring back the negative feelings prior to the NLP session, but i just couldnt and burst out laughing. the same day when i was about to sleep i felt like i was oozing in warm chocolate, and just couldnt stop thinking about my future and a sense of hope of born that night. i was just so happy and high on life i slept for 3 hours and woke up refreshed. i took a walk just before dawn and boy, i was seeing things with a very different perspective. i got all worked up and excited when i felt the breeze on my face. martins services are not quick fixes or band-aid solutions, i should know best. his NLP has lasted for over 5 months now and i still feel quite the same. i relived some of my childhood memories as i was in deep trance with him. he helped me completely diminish all the stigma attached to these memories and glad to say im free of the toxic shame attached to them, primarily because of martins services. i would recommend his services to anyone who is looking to bolster their self-image and improve their quality of life overall. thnx a lot martin.” – Chris

“guys i did some nlp session with Martin lasst sunday. I swaar to god i’ve never done something so worth while. I had a confidence issue and a case of anxiety. not only did i abolish both of these but i no longer fear gettin a negative response from a woman. it was really amazing.” – Chris

“I’m just so stoked that it actually worked and that I don’t have to consciously try to pep talk myself out of anxiety . I want to thank you again and this time I have something to back it up with! You’re great! I’m very thankful that I know a guy like you, who so generously helps people with their deep problems.”Oz

“Martin pushes the edges of what is possible in life transformation. He raises the bar. He is totally committed to getting the clients lasting results.” – Jeff Forte for PEAK Results Coaching

“I must say Martin definitely knows what he is doing. Not only is he a great guy but he genuinely loves to help people. You can sense how he enjoys making you be better person in general. He helped me completely abolish my anxiety. It is impressive, since I was up to the task but skeptic at first but he is a pro and I highly recommend him, this is a unique change!! He spent 2 hours with me and helped me until he was completely sure there was no trace of anxiety. His techniques are highly effective and make you feel even better with yourself and your specific issue since he will cover a great amount of issues. I’m sure you will triumph in this business, good old Martin you the best man! I don’t know how to stress more the top-notch quality of his coaching. You will not regret it.”  Luis

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